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What is Custom Hair Piece?


Hair weaving is now the most popular, fastest, safest and most practical way to increase hair volume. It’s a technology that weaves hair on a special "foundation". There are many types of materials for making a foundation, such as fabric, linen, medical silicone, silk lace, bionic skin and Korean yarn. We will pick the right material based on customer’s hair loss level, expectation, product durability, etc. These materials have the function of air-passing and perspiration. They are made from 100% real hair and will be created based on client’s own hair color and head shape.

Video About Custom Hair Piece

There are so many techniques used to apply real human hair extensions for short hair. At our salon, our stylists learn the latest techniques to give you the look you want. The techniques include all-taped, front taped back clipped, all-clipped, all covered, covered plus taped, covered plus clipped and so on. 


Sew-in Weaves

This professional hair weave technique works best for people with partial hair loss. It can only be done by special technician in a professional hair salon. It’s very strong and adhesive, so people can enjoy sports, such as swimming, running, playing basketball, etc. However, it can only be removed by professionals. It usually needs to be re-weaved onto the customer's hair every time after the haircuts.

1) Wash the hair piece, gently pat dry with a towel. 2) put the appropriate position on the head, clip it together with natural hair. 3) Sew the hair piece into the natural hair 4) Trim and style.


Clip-in Weaves

First, attach the clip onto the hair piece. Next, cover the bald spot with the piece. Then, carefully and gently attach the clips to your natural hair.


Clip-in weaves is the most common hair weave technique. It works great for people with partial hair loss or who wants to preserved hair on the top of the head. It’s convenient and can be removed any time.


Lastly, we want to remind you that the purpose of wearing a hair piece is to improve your appearance. We will try our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible through these advanced technology, but you need to understand that the hair piece can never be as perfect as natural hair. The question you need to ask yourself is whether you are happy with the way you look right now, if not, then custom hair piece will be the best choice for you.


If you are looking for an extremely natural, absolutely comfortable, and absolutely durable wig, then that’s not realistic. If you hear other companies making that kind of promises, think again before taking action.


At Jack Hair Designer, our products are not perfect either. But we are determined to help every one of our customer to achieve the look they want and make sure that the hair piece looks as natural as possible.

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Tape-in Weaves

First, clean and blow dry the hair piece. Next, use special double sided tape and attach the tape to the hair piece. Use medical tape to prevent skin rash. Then, based on customer’s needs, tape the hair piece on the scalp. Finally, style and shape the hair into what the customer wants. This type of technique is good for people with short hair or has pattern baldness. It’s easy to clean and be removed.  

You don’t have to worry about the side-effect when using biological double-sided adhesive. They have been researched and tested on human for many decades. This double-sided adhesive, in fact, is similar to chewing gum. It’s made into double-sided format so it’s easy for us to wear. The glue is sticky and will not dry out. That is, you can take off the hair piece and put it back on at anytime without loosing adhesive. It’s water and sweat resistant. You can wear it for a long time even at the public baths, swimming pools and other environments without being embarrassed. Finally, the tape won't glue to the entire hair piece, just the edge of it, which makes it more practical and convenient to wear.

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